Demo Event

(Co-sponsored by Cairngorm National Park Authority)

The 2011 Event will be held at Balmoral Castle, by Ballater, on 26th and 27th October, with 28th October reserved for Colleges. Registration Form is included with this Newsletter and available on the WDBP website (


Feedback from Drumlanrig and previous events indicated a desire for more time to become involved in the session content, with maximum practical experience. The session timings for Balmoral have been doubled to half-day, with new delivery and maximum involvement of participants.

Session Content:

1. Lardering - Carcass Inspection – Basic Hygiene – How the shooting, lardering and butchery processes affect the eating quality of venison – Butchery Demo – Practical Butchering Exercise (teams of 2) – Tasting the result (young/old; bruised/not bruised; over cooked).

2. Deer Population Assessment and Cull Planning (practical).

3. Habitat Impact Assessment and Deer Management Plan development (practical).

4. Ballistics and Bullet Performance – (Callum Ferguson and Jim Govan) – Down range accuracy and terminal ballistics – Bullet design and factors influencing controlled expansion – The balance between penetration and tissue destruction - Bullet design for the target species – non-lead alternatives – Ballistic gelatine and ballistic soap for visual confirmation.

5. Practical Rifle Skills – How to improve accuracy at normal range - collaborative exercise with multiple shooting opportunities, interspersed by teaching of shooting techniques - theory, coaching, mutual assessment in pairs - comparison and open discussion of matters arising/relevant issues.

Please contact WDBP Officer for further information.