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Deer Ecology 1

Red Ecology download
Roe Ecology download
Sika Ecology download
Fallow Ecology download
Muntjac download

Deer Health & Welfare 2

Deer Health download
Notifiable Diseases download
Welfare Definition download
Welfare Culling download
Helicopters safeguarding welfare download

Planning 3

Population Assess: Open Range(1) download
Population Assess: Open Range(2) download
Population Assess: Dung Counts download
Age Determination download
Setting Cull Targets download
Cull Records download
Deer Management Plan download
Planning for Biodiversity download
Deer in towns 1 download
Deer in towns 2 download

Firearms 4

Safety(1) download
Safety(2) download
Maintenance & Zeroing(1) download
Maintenance & Zeroing(2) download
Rifles & Ammunition(1) download
Rifles & Ammunition(2) download
Marksmanship download
Firing Positions download
Transport & Storage download

Culling 5

Shot Placement(1) download
Shot Placement(2) download
Reaction & Follow-up download
Humane Dispatch(1) download
Humane Dispatch(2) download
Use of Dogs(1) download
Use of Dogs(2) download
High Seats download
Team Culling download
Mechanical & manual extraction(1) download
Mechanical & manual extraction(2) download
Pony Extraction(1) download
Pony Extraction(2) download
Helicopters & Support download

Carcass Preparation 6

Carcass Inspection(1) download
Carcass Inspection(2) download
Hygiene Principles download
Gralloching(1) download
Gralloching(2) download
Lardering(1) download
Lardering(2) download
Lardering(3) download
Skinning download
Butchering(1) download
Butchering(2) download
Butchering(3) download
Larder Hygiene download
Venison Supply 1 download
Venison Supply 2 download
Larder Design download
Handling Large Nos of Carcasses download
Trophy Preparation download
Trophy Caping download

Impacts 7

Principles download
Principles in Practice download
Analysis download
Woodland download
Dwarf Shrub Heath download
Blanket Bog download
Flushes & Springs download
Willow scrub download
Tall Herbs download
Woodland Damage Recognition(1) download
Woodland Damage Recognition(2) download

Crop & Habitation 8

Woodland Design download
Tree Protection download
Fencing(1) download
Fencing(2) download
Diversionary/Supplementary Feeding download

People & Resources 9

Risk Assessment download
Health & Safety download
Lyme Disease(1) download
Lyme Disease(2) download
Working with Clients download
Letting Stalking(1) download
Deer Management Groups download
Public Access download
Public Signage download
Assessment & Support download
Lone Working download
Training download

other guide material

SNH guides
Authorisations download
Damage download
Driving Deer download
Night Shooting download
Section 7 download
Section 8 download
Statutory records download
Compensatory Culls download
Impact Designations(1) download
Impact Designations(2) download
Natural Heritage Designations download